Evesham Vale Cardiac Rehab

Evesham Vale cardiac rehab delivers programmes which are community based, therefore making rehab more accessible to those in the community who need it.

Evesham Vale Cardiac Rehab is a new local Charity, providing a facility for the survivors of heart attacks, and those who have undergone heart surgery, to recover full fitness, gain confidence, and return to playing a full part in society.

We urgently need funds to ensure that this work continues in the community, and that Cardiac Rehab can be made more accessible.

A comment from the cardiac nurse, Sally Mansfield:
"Evesham Vale Cardiac Rehab has probably got the best Rehab accommodation in Worcs., insofar as it is a dedicated enclosed studio space, air- conditioned, spacious, has a good integrated sound system, and a very pleasant Leisure Centre Environment."

Information Documents and Leaflets you can download